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24 Weeks Bumpdate

As of today, I am officially 24 weeks pregnant! Less than four months to go and we get to meet this sweet little girl! I cannot wait! On Fri...

As of today, I am officially 24 weeks pregnant! Less than four months to go and we get to meet this sweet little girl! I cannot wait! On Friday, I had my anatomy scan. For those who don't know exactly what that means, it is an extra long ultrasound where they snap a bunch of shots and take some measurements to make sure baby is healthy and growing like she should. They normally like to do this scan anywhere from 20-24 weeks. It's super fun because you get to see your babe for longer than you usually get to and if you're like me, you could stare at that screen all day long! Kollyns was in a pike position (folded in half with her feet right in her face) the entire time. Her face was also smooshed up against my placenta so we weren't able to get a frontal face shot. She was hilarious because she was following the technician's device and kicking it the whole time. Since they weren't able to get every angle they needed, I had to go back in yesterday for another ultrasound and thankfully she cooperated this time! The technician said she looks great and has a cute little button nose! She was still in a pike position grabbing onto her feet but at least we were able to get that frontal face shot!

I also had a checkup with my doctor on Friday and I gained five pounds last month (gasp!). I haven't gained a ton of weight throughout this pregnancy yet so I will cut myself some slack this month and try and be better next month! I just need to learn some self control with the sweets lately! Mint chocolate chip shakes and any dessert for that matter are just screaming my name allllll the time! The doctor asked, "so how's your diet?" I was cracking up! I eat pretty healthy still for the most part but I've definitely let myself splurge and it's not always the healthiest choices. I gained about 30 pounds with Boston and I'm at about 12 pounds up with this little girl right now. I stopped nursing Boston when I was a couple months pregnant with Kollyns so I'm pretty sure that caused me to put on some weight as well. I was the thinnest I've ever been when I was nursing Boston (one of the great benefits of nursing). I used to always say the kid was sucking the life out of me ;).

I decided to do my glucose screening test yesterday since I was already going to be at the doctor for my ultrasound and man, those stink! You have to be fasting for 8 or 12 hours and then you go in and get your blood drawn and drink a super sugary drink and then you wait an hour, get your blood drawn again, wait another hour and get your blood drawn for a third time. If you do it first thing in the morning, it really isn't that bad because the test is two hours altogether so you're only waiting to eat for a couple hours. Although, we had Boston's ear surgery yesterday at 6:00 a.m. so we were up at 5:00 a.m. and by the time the test was done at 10:45 a.m., I was more than ready to eat! They make you get this test done with each pregnancy to make sure you don't develop gestational diabetes.

I have felt pretty good and normal for most of this pregnancy and I am so thankful for that! I had some morning nausea and dry heaving in the beginning but once that wore off, I have felt really good and tend to forget that I'm even pregnant at times! Her big ole kicks and backflips lately remind me that I have a healthy baby girl growing in there and I love feeling every single movement! I definitely am starting to feel more pregnant belly wise. I get full quicker (which I wish would stop me from eating so much but it doesn't) and my belly just feels really hard lately. I get super irritable sometimes and I laugh at myself later because it's over the dumbest things but I just can't control it at the time! I have never been a fan of listening to the sound of chewing but when I'm pregnant, I swear it's like someone was smacking right in my face. Hormones and emotions are all over the place when you're pregnant! That's my excuse at least :)

A few of my favorite pregnancy products at the moment are Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Lotion and Mustela Stretch Mark Oil and Lotion. I lather up after every shower and every night before bed. I use a ton of different products depending on the day but these are my fav right now. My everyday go to lotion is Curel and I also use Neutrogena Sesame Seed Oil and Coconut Oil. Any lotion/oil will work to keep your skin moisturized and I truly believe genetics play a huge role in stretch marks but it doesn't hurt to try and prevent them, right?

I feel like I've written you all a novel and I could keep going but I don't want to start boring you all! Hopefully you've gained some insight into the wonderful world of pregnancy at 24 weeks! I promise not every post will be all about this belly!


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