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25 Weeks Bumpdate

15 weeks left?! Say whaaaat!!! It's so exciting and really starting to sink in that I will be a mama of two pretty soon! I am feeling re...

15 weeks left?! Say whaaaat!!! It's so exciting and really starting to sink in that I will be a mama of two pretty soon! I am feeling really good today but not every day is this good. My belly is definitely starting to feel a lot larger which makes it pretty hard to get comfy at night. I have a snoogle (a big ole pregnancy pillow) that I used when I was pregnant with Boston but right now, I've just been using a regular pillow to put in between my legs while I sleep. Pretty sure I will be busting out that snoogle very soon. The sweets cravings have definitely not stopped! Lord help me! Yesterday, I had a very large rice krispie treat after lunch (it was SO good) and then deep fried ice cream after dinner! I swear I feel the need to eat something sweet after every single meal almost! Kollyns' movements are getting more intense which I love! It's so fun trying to guess which body part you feel and what she is doing in there! I swear she tried to karate chop me in the hoohaw yesterday! 

So for this post, I wanted to be honest and bring up some of the not so fun parts of pregnancy. For those that know me personally, you know I hold nothing back ;) Although, Bryce advised me not to include everything I wanted to because it even grossed him out so I will leave that for you all to find out for yourselves when you are pregnant or if you are currently pregnant/have been pregnant then you already know what I'm talking about :)

Pregnancy really is a beautiful thing but not everything that happens to your body feels beautiful. Every person's body reacts different to pregnancy and every pregnancy is somewhat different from the next. I feel pretty lucky that I feel pretty normal for the most part during pregnancy but trust me, funky things happen to my body that are totally out of my control!

Let's start with the boobies. Mine got super big, super quick with Boston but this time it took them a little longer to get to that point. Like I said in my last bumpdate, I was still nursing Boston when I got pregnant so my poor boobies were starting to look pretty pathetic (can you say saggy baggy's?!). They have officially blown up again and are now feeling like they are so full that they could pop! I just told Bryce yesterday that I feel like I need to pump to relieve the pressure (even though there is no milk in these things so it would be pointless). Bras are so uncomfortable to me right now so believe me when I say that I whip that thing off as soon as I get home!

Moving on to skin. I broke out super duper bad in the beginning of this pregnancy. It has cleared up somewhat but it's still not clear by any means. My skin also gets really dry when I'm pregnant. It is normally on the dry side but it gets even worse during pregnancy. I remember the days when I could walk out of the house with just tinted moisturizer on and feel confident but those days are long gone! I don't feel good without full on foundation and concealer in place! Speaking of concealers, MAC ($20) and NYX ($4.99) are the absolute greatest ever! If you don't own those two concealers, you really should! I do my makeup almost every single day which can be such a pain but it does make me feel a lot better about myself once it's done! You don't always feel the most beautiful when you're gaining constant weight so anything that helps you feel better, you should do!

Speaking of weight...I definitely get a bigger booty along with this bigger belly. I'm not one of those lucky people that are just all belly. Some girls can go their whole pregnancy with wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans because they get this tiny little belly that just pops straight out front but that is definitely not me. Forever 21 has been my best friend this pregnancy because I can buy super cute, inexpensive items in bigger sizes and not feel bad if I only wear them a few times!

Moodiness! Need I say more?! Your hormones are so crazy during pregnancy that one minute you can be feeling so overwhelmed with joy and the next you can get so annoyed at the littlest thing! I just started feeling this a couple weeks ago with this pregnancy and I feel so guilty sometimes. I get so irritated with the dumbest things but I try and ignore it because I know the feeling will go away and I will be back to being happy once again!

Lastly, the tiredness that comes along with pregnancy. Some days are just plain exhausting and your feet and back are aching by the end of the day. I feel like such a dud some days and it sure doesn't help that pregnancy can cause you to get insomnia or just be plain uncomfortable making it hard to catch a good night's sleep.

There are a million different funky things that can happen to a prego's body but through it all, it is so worth it to know that it is all for that perfect little person you are growing inside of you! Just know that you are not alone when you are exhausted with some swollen boobies, a broke out face and feeling like you could knock someone out ;)


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