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27 Weeks Bumpdate

3 months to go! And if this little girl is anything like her brother, then we will get to meet her even sooner! Boston was 3 1/2 weeks early...

3 months to go! And if this little girl is anything like her brother, then we will get to meet her even sooner! Boston was 3 1/2 weeks early so I'm really anxious to see if Kollyns is early too or if she decides to be the stubborn one and make us wait! Either way, it's getting closer and I'm getting more and more excited! Kolly girl weighs almost 2 pounds now and is about 14 1/2 inches long. She is already sleeping and waking at regular intervals so hopefully she is learning to sleep all night long for her mama ;) Although she seems to be the most active at night and in the morning so we shall see how that goes! Next week I have to get a rhogam shot since my blood type is negative and Bryce's blood type is positive but other than that, I think all my doctor's appointments from here on out should be just regular check-ups!

This week I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite places to shop for yourself during pregnancy. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to go out and buy a whole bunch of maternity clothes. I have found a ton of clothes that aren't maternity that flatter this bump just as well as maternity clothes. I really only own a handful of maternity items. But thankfully, there are a ton of cute maternity clothes out there these days as well (you just have to know the right spots to get them from). I remember being pregnant with Boston and pretty much living in maxi dresses and skirts. The whole summer after having him, I wanted nothing to do with either of those items because I was so sick of them! This time around is so much different. Instagram has opened so many doors for the world of fashion (including maternity). I love it so much because you can get an idea of what real women look like in the clothing items and discover ways to style them that you might not have ever thought of!

Here is a list of my most favorite stores (just click on the store name to visit their website):

Forever 21 - all time favorite store, pregnant or not. Forever 21 always stays on top of the latest trends and has the best prices. Most of us girls will wear an article of clothing only once or twice so it makes me feel a lot better when that item only cost $10-$30. Shopping in their stores can be stressful at times because there is SO much stuff, which is why I normally just purchase online. I browse through their new arrivals every day so that I don't miss anything I may need ;) They are always posting new stuff and you have to jump on it sometimes because it may sell out (& I get really sad when that happens)!

Express - I only have two pairs of cut-off shorts from here but this store was worth mentioning because they are by far the best shorts I have found for pregnancy (my favorite pair is shown in the pictures posted below). They are low-waisted and stretchy. I tried finding denim shorts at other stores and nothing would fit right since high-waisted is so on trend right now. These shorts should last me throughout this entire pregnancy!

Bumpstyle Box - This is a pretty awesome, modern site with super chic maternity pieces. You get a personal stylist who asks you certain questions about yourself to determine which items would best suit you. Then, they will send you a box full of items (picked just for you) and you get to go through the box and try on the items to decide what you like and what didn't work for you. You send back the items you don't want and you only pay for the items you want to keep. And shipping is free! Get ready to be one haute mama!

PinkBlush Maternity - I discovered this shop on Instagram not too long ago and I love it! They have some of the cutest, most affordable maternity clothes that I've found. There is a ton to choose from (think dresses, tops, skirts, kimonos, jeans, shorts, etc.). Super girly and pretty pieces! My package shipped today so you can expect to see me in some of their items very soon! Also, if you sign up to receive their daily emails, you get 20% off your first order!

Bump Glow Maternity - This is another Instagram find with some cute and affordable maternity pieces. You get name brand clothing here at a discounted price. Their motto is "style your bump for less" which I love because I hate spending a fortune on clothing that will only get used for a few months. The "holy chic" top I'm wearing in the pictures below is from here and it was only $7.50!

Happy shopping mamas! Links for items worn in pictures are below :)


Top-Bump Glow Maternity ($7.50)
Shorts-Express ($54.90)
Flannel-Old Navy (similar $19.90)
Shoes-Forever 21 ($34.90)
Necklace-Forever 21 (similar $9.90)
Bag-Fawn Design ($129.95)

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