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Good morning sweets! It's week 37 and we're just about ready to meet baby Kollyns! My hospital bag has been packed for a week or two...

Good morning sweets! It's week 37 and we're just about ready to meet baby Kollyns! My hospital bag has been packed for a week or two now and Kollyns' is pretty much packed as well but I'm just waiting on two swaddle and beanie sets to come in and then I can do a post on her bag. I'm definitely an over-packer when it comes to anything and everything but I always feel like I'd rather be over-prepared than under-prepared! When I had Boston, I certainly didn't use everything I packed in our bags but I was glad I had options because you never know exactly how it's all going to pan out or what size your baby is going to be. I just like knowing that I will have something that works no matter what! And trust me, I over-pack but it's not like I'm wheeling in two huge suitcases or anything! I just pack one small duffle bag for me (& Bryce ends up throwing his stuff in there as well) and one small duffle bag for baby.

The hospital supplies a lot of essentials so don't worry about that kind of stuff (diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers) unless you really want to use your own stuff then of course you can pack it! I like to take full advantage of their care so that's just less for me to bring and worry about! Each hospital is a little different from the next and I delivered in Thousand Oaks with Boston so I'm sure this hospital in Bakersfield will be a little different but I'm sure they all have the same basic supplies.

Alright, lets get to what's in my bag!

Comfy pillow - The hospital has pillows but there's nothing like your own so make sure you bring a pillow for yourself. And don't forget a pillow and blanket for your hubs to make sure they can be somewhat comfy since they get the crappy end of the deal when it comes to a bed.

Bath bag - This contains my basic essentials (shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, moisturizer, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, ponytails). Bryce will use this bag as well to shower so make sure you throw in whatever your hubby will need. You can also bring your blow dryer, straightener and curling iron if you feel like it but I just let my hair air dry when I had Boston since I didn't really feel like standing for long periods of time and taking time away from staring at my new babe!

Comfy pajamas - The first set (peach & black) is two pieces (button-down short sleeve top & shorts). I got this from Target and it is SO comfy. The material is lightweight and super soft. The buttons in the front will make it super easy for nursing and skin to skin access. The plaid one next to the two-piece set is a flannel button-down pajama dress. I packed this just in case I was really cold for some reason but it's super comfy as well with the buttons in the front for easy access. I got this one at Forever. Who knows if I will even end up wearing either of these pajamas since I pretty much wore my hospital gown the whole time with Boston but I just wanted to make sure I had some comfy options just in case!

Chapstick - My favorite is the sweet mint from EOS. Your lips will most likely get super dry in the hospital since you're not allowed to have anything but ice chips before delivery so this will come in handy!

Fuzzy socks - If your feet get cold or you just want to feel cozy, you will definitely want to pack a pair of comfy socks!

Headband - I wanted to bring this knotted turban headband to wear during or after delivery because 1) it's super cute and 2) it will help tame this mane that I'm sure will be a hot mess! Kollyns has a matching one too! You can find these on Instagram @wildsunshine.threads or by clicking here for the website.

Glade air freshener - I like to bring this to help make your hospital room smell a little more homey. I'm a little obsessed with smell goods and always have them around my house so it's just a nice little something to add to your hospital room! This is a stand alone one (not a plug-in) so you can have it on the little table right next to your bed.

Phone charger - This is the most important item, right?! :) We use our phones for all our photos so we would be heart broken if our phones died and we didn't have anything to capture our perfect little gift! If you use a different camera, then make sure you bring that and the charger!

Nursing bra - I don't wear a bra while I'm in the hospital but I will wear this for when we are leaving. I love this one from Target (my absolute favorite is super similar to this by Jessica Simpson from Motherhood Maternity). You should bring some breast pads as well to wear in your bra since your boobies will most likely leak.

Slippers - These fuzzy slippers are so incredibly soft and comfy. They have a soft bottom but with the little grippers so you won't slip if you walk around the slippery hospital floor in these.

Robe - This gorgeous floral robe is from PinkBlush Maternity. I plan on wearing this right after I have Kollyns so that I'm at least in something pretty for pictures :) And again, super easy access for nursing and skin to skin contact.

Outfit to wear home - I got this dress a couple months ago from Forever and it's just so flowy and pretty so I decided I wanted to save it to wear home from the hospital. My stomach will be feeling extra flabby so this will be perfect since it doesn't hug anything and the top is convenient if I need to nurse in it. I'm bringing a pair of comfy, black flip flops to wear home with this dress.

Nipple shield (not pictured) - This was one item I didn't take to the hospital when I had Boston and totally regretted it. Boston couldn't get a good latch at the hospital and we struggled so hard to get him to nurse but he just wasn't getting all the nutrients he needed. As soon as we got home and used a nipple shield, it was a game changer! He nursed like a champ! We had to use a nipple shield until he was 3 or 4 months old and able to get a good latch on his own.

I hope this helps any of you soon-to-be mamas with your hospital bags! I know it's always so hard to know what to take and not take! And please let me know if there is anything I'm forgetting to add! Happy delivery mamas!


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