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Fourth Trimester with BUMPstyle Box

Being a nursing mama means you have to dress like a nursing mama! It may not seem like a difficult task but sometimes it really is hard to p...

Being a nursing mama means you have to dress like a nursing mama! It may not seem like a difficult task but sometimes it really is hard to pick out an outfit that is convenient to nurse in. Normally, shorts or pants paired with a tee will do the trick to get me through the day but sometimes you want to step outside the box and wear something a bit fancier! And that is where BUMPstyle Box comes in. Not only do they provide you with fab maternity wear throughout your pregnancy, but they also offer fourth trimester boxes which include the cutest clothing geared towards nursing (and flattering that postpartum body).

I was super excited when I opened up my BUMPstyle Box to find the cutest, most coziest pajamas, an everyday grey nursing tank, a plaid cardigan to wear over the tank, a super cute flowy top that buttons down in the front, and a black and white maxi dress with a zipper in the front. Every item was so cute and so perfect for nursing (double whammy!). You can see how I styled each item in the pictures below or on my Instagram! You can also visit BUMPstyle Box's Instagram for lots more fashion inspiration!

BUMPstyle Box is literally the most convenient way to do your maternity and postpartum shopping. My stylist, Hannah, always knocks it out of the park with matching the items to my particular style. I love how the stylists take the time to research what you love and put together a box full of items that match just that! I did a full post on how BUMPstyle Box works here so make sure to check that out if you're not familiar with how their company operates!

I absolutely love nursing but sometimes you just want to wear a dress or something that doesn't allow for easy nursing in public which is totally fine too! In that case, I usually just bring a bottle of pumped milk to feed Kollyns or I go and nurse in my car (or an area that's private so I'm not flashing the whole world my chonies). And don't feel like you always have to wear a nursing bra or nursing tank in order to nurse. There's a ton of clothing and bra options that allow you to easily nurse in! Bralettes or bandeaus are super easy to pull down or to the side and tees, tanks and button down tops are super easy to nurse in as well!


Top-BUMPstyle Box
Ripped black denim-Old Navy
Sandals-Forever 21

Nursing tank-BUMPstyle Box
Cardi-BUMPstyle Box
Pants-Elison Rd (boutique in Seal Beach/Long Beach)
Boots-Forever 21

Pajamas-BUMPstyle Box

Maxi dress-BUMPstyle Box
Boston's ripped denim-Instagram shop (tattrdthreads)

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  1. We completely adore medical however occasionally you want to put on the gown or even something which does not permit simple medical in public places that is completely good as well! If so, It's my job to simply provide the container associated with pumped whole milk in order to give food to Kollyns.


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