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You guys, our bedroom wish has finally come true! We got a KING bed! If you know me (or if you have children that like to sneak in bed with ...

You guys, our bedroom wish has finally come true! We got a KING bed! If you know me (or if you have children that like to sneak in bed with you) then you know how bad we have been wanting this. This was always the one thing we kept saying we would get next but somehow kept getting pushed to the side. No longer are the days that we dream of staying in a hotel just for the luxury of sleeping in a king bed. It feels really good to get to sleep in our very own, every. single. night.

I came across Tuft & Needle from a blogger girlfriend that I follow on Instagram so I had to check it out! I clicked on the link and it said "Number One Rated Mattress in the World" so of course, I was super intrigued. It's made in the USA, shipped to your door for free within 7 days, and they offer a 100 night zero hassle return policy and a 10 year warranty, so you really can't go wrong! The mattress shipped super fast and came right to our doorstep in a box that is shorter than me and a tad bit wider. My husband was shocked and kept telling me there was no way our king size mattress was in that box. Within minutes of opening the box, he was proved wrong. The mattress is vacuum sealed and expands within seconds of cutting open the plastic. We watched a YouTube video on it and it was recommended to give it a few hours before laying on it so it can fully expand. We waited about 4-5 hours and then tested it out! It was super comfy but it's hard to tell just by laying on it for few seconds so we were really anxious to actually sleep on it. We had to wait for our new bed to come in before we could put the mattress in our bedroom so it was a few days before we got to sleep on it. We have been sleeping on it for about a week now and so far, so good! It's been really comfy and it's so crazy the amount of space we have. We can have both kids in bed with us and still feel like we have plenty of room. It's funny because we usually end up falling asleep right next to each other smack dab in the middle of this big ole bed and wake up at completely opposite ends!

With a new mattress comes a new bedroom, right?! I couldn't resist. We have had the same bedroom furniture since we first moved in together over 5 years ago so I was itching for a bedroom makeover. Our old bedroom was black and white with silver and crystal accents and I was wanting a brighter, more modern room. I can't wait to share our new room with you all very soon! I haven't quite finished it just yet! I know, you can hardly wait, right?! ;) For now, below are some pictures of the new bed and mattress!

Boston and Kollyns are both wearing clothing from Little Trendsetter. This shop is super cute and carries a ton of kid's clothing at reasonable prices with super fast shipping! Check out their Instagram for the most fashionable little babes! My sweater is from Little Dude N' Dudette which has always been one of my favorite Insta shops!


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  1. Hi Krista,
    Can you please give me some pointers on how to improve my blog. Some shops are going to send clothes for me to wear and for Assya as well and they count on my blogging...
    Thanks, Eszter


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