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Good Golly Miss Kolly is 3 Months Old

Three months have gone by in the blink of an eye. I still can't believe my little newborn is now considered an infant. I think I'm e...

Three months have gone by in the blink of an eye. I still can't believe my little newborn is now considered an infant. I think I'm even more surprised by the fact that she looks and acts so much older already! That newborn phase is so sweet and cuddly and this stage still is but it's also when their personality really starts shining through which makes it so much fun! Smiles are the norm and a bobbly little head has become more sturdy. I seriously can't imagine life without this perfect little girl that I am lucky enough to call my daughter.

Schedules aren't the norm around the Horton household. We sorta fly by the seat of our pants. I've never been the type to have my kids on a strict schedule because we like to go and do too much. I'm definitely not knocking anyone that is a schedule-type parent because sometimes those kids are the easiest kids and to each their own, right?! We do like a good routine to an extent though.

Nursing: Kollyns nurses on demand so I couldn't even tell you how often the girl eats. She is nursing totally good now so we don't have to bottle feed her anymore unless I have some drinks or someone else is watching her. She definitely prefers the booby over a bottle now but thankfully she takes a bottle just fine.

Sleep: She also sleeps whenever she's tired so I don't have exact times on how long or often she sleeps either. I'm not one to really pay attention to time anyways. She has been pretty consistent for about the past two months on just waking up once in the middle of the night around 4 to nurse and then again around 6 or 7 (usually due to Bryce or Boston waking up) but then goes back down pretty soon after that until something else ends up waking her up. She still sleeps quite a bit throughout the day. Some days, I feel like she sleeps for most of the day and other days, she is awake a lot. Every day is different. Some nights she will go down super early and easy and other nights, she likes to fight it until 10:00 or 11:00.  If she gets fussy, it is definitely at night before bed but it has been getting better as she's been getting older.

Talents: My favorite skill of hers right now is that big ole smile she flashes at me a hundred times a day! No bad moods are to be had when you see that sweet face! Her neck is getting a lot stronger so she can hold her head without support now. She's been trying out the Bumbo the last couple of days. The first time she was in it, she wasn't quite sure what to think. It was like she was riding a horse for the first time, I was cracking up! But the second time, it was like she was a pro already (until her neck got too tired and her head flopped to the side). She also found her little hands and has been sucking on those a lot more!

Likes: Eating. Bath time. Getting her diaper changed. Being held. Rock-n-play. MamaRoo (as long as she's in the mood for it). Car seat and car rides.

Dislikes: Being hungry. Being tired. Pacifier.

Life with two has been pretty darn great. I am now even more late to every single thing I do, but at least we make it and we're usually the last to leave so that makes up for it, right?! ;)

p.s. I still need to take her official 3 month pictures but these will suffice for now :)




Kollyns Outfit:
Headband-Everly Avenue
Bloomers-Lovey Lake
Leg Warmers-Ebay

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