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What's In My Diaper Bag

  Hi! I'm not too sure how many people really care what I pack in my diaper bag but it's always fun and informational for me to...

Hi! I'm not too sure how many people really care what I pack in my diaper bag but it's always fun and informational for me to see what other mama's put in theirs! I'm the type of person that has always needed a big bag (children or not) because I pack that thing to the rim (or more like over the rim). All of my diaper bags are pretty large because I want to make sure I am prepared wherever we go, even though I almost always end up forgetting something (like diapers for Boss and then he ends up wearing Kollyns and it's more like a thong th-th-th-thong)! I think I remembered everything in this post, but let me know if there is anything I left out that is super important for you mamas! 
Bag is by Nena & Co. This is their Day Bag II and it is super spacious! It is not a diaper bag so I added this nifty insert called ToteSavvy by Life in Play that has a ton of pockets for all your mama needs! And it comes with a changing pad (which is always a must)! It slips right into your bag and keeps everything organized! You can pack it before you put it in your bag or once it's already in there! The insert comes in black or grey! My other diaper bags are by Timi & Leslie, Fawn Design and Lily Jade.
Change of clothes for BOTH kids. Kollyns obviously always needs a change of clothes on hand just in case and normally I just pack a onesie or romper (and a headband to match) so that it takes up less space in my bag. For Boss, I used to only bring an extra shirt because he doesn't have blow outs anymore so his bottoms never get ruined and it's normally just his shirt that he spills on but after a fluke throw up in the car on the way to the Fresno Zoo and no change of pants for him, I realized I needed an extra shirt AND bottoms for him. (BEST FRIEND shirts are by Indie Nook & the headband is by Numi Kids.)
Diapers and wipes. Kolly has been using Honest Diapers because my mama was nice enough to order us a few boxes for her and we love them! Boston either uses Pampers or Huggies. I pretty much use any type of wipes but Huggies have become my favorite because they are thicker than the rest.
Blanket. We are huge fans of muslin blankets. They are the largest baby blankets and SO soft. Boston uses them as his security blankie and he's not picky so it's nice that he will use Kollyns' if we forget his. Blankets are always nice to have to cover Kollyns, lay her down on or wipe up spit up or drool. This particular one is by Margaux & May. It came in a pack of two and they are seriously the softest ones I have ever had!
Toys. Boston usually has a little backpack by As Darling Does he takes everywhere packed with cars and trucks but I always make sure I have an extra toy in my bag for him just in case. His little backpack has been such a lifesaver lately so I highly recommend getting one for your toddler and loading it up with fun toys to keep them distracted! Kolly's not into toys much right now and her thumb keeps her pretty occupied but I like to carry this cute little teething ring by The Lil Cupcake Shop for her! I'm sure she will start using it more in a few weeks or so!
Chapstick and lipstick. I'm sure this is in 99% of all you girl's bags! My favorite chapstick is the peppermint one from ChapStick and it only comes around during Christmas time so I always stock up to make sure I have enough to last me through the year! My go-to lipsticks are Mac!
Wallet. I have had this Hobo wallet for probably 10 years now! It is the best!
Candy. I always, always, always have some type of candy in my bag for Boss. Normally, it is suckers since those seem to last the longest! Candy has been my saving grace for many shopping trips!
Snack for me. Hunger can strike at any moment, especially when you're nursing so I try and make sure I always have some type of bar in my bag! These lactation granola bars by Oat Mama are SO good and SO good for you! My favorite is the peanut butter chocolate chip one!
Snack for Boss. I love these containers by Munchkin because it really helps from him spilling his snacks everywhere! I usually load them up with goldfish, cheerios, craisins or yogurt melts! And he always has his sippy cup with him which usually has half yellow Gatorade and half water in it!
Phone. Duh.
Nursing cover. I use a nursing cover almost every time I am out and about. I love this one by Milk Snob. I also love the car seat cover/nursing cover by Covered Goods. I always have the cover on Kollyns' car seat so I can just take it off and use it to nurse with! Double whammy!
Disinfectant wipes. I use these all. the. time. The yellow package from Wet Ones are my favorite!
I hope this helps any new mamas or mamas expecting baby number two to get an idea of what helps get me through the day with two babes!
p.s. A huge shout out to all you Instagram Husbands out there! This YouTube video had us all dying!

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