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Mother's Promise

When asked to participate in the #MothersPromise challenge with Walmart and Pampers , I said heck yes, without a doubt! I make promises in ...

When asked to participate in the #MothersPromise challenge with Walmart and Pampers, I said heck yes, without a doubt! I make promises in my head every single day to my babies but to actually write it out would mean so much more to me and them (you know, when they're our age with their own babies and can really understand where I am coming from). It also didn't hurt that Pampers are one of our favorite diaper brands. As a mother, you want to protect your babies brand new, smooth as silk skin, and Pampers Premium Care does just that. They are hypoallergenic, super absorbent with that fun little line that tells you when there is a wet diaper and they allow for your babe's skin to breathe. They can be found at your local Walmart or at

Dear Boss and Kolly,

You two have made my life complete. I remember the days I dreamt about you both and let me tell you, you are way better than any dream I could have ever dreamt. The love I have for you can never be fully explained. It is a feeling that surpasses anything in this life we live. I thank God every single day for blessing me with you both. You have brought more joy and love to this world than I ever knew possible. I promise to protect you with all my might and to teach you to be strong, confident and loving. I know there will be hard times in the process but I promise to always be there for you and make sure you know your opinion matters and your worth is huge. I promise to encourage any goal you set your mind to and help you to accomplish it. I promise to reason with you when you try to make any crazy decisions and help you understand my reasoning behind it. I promise to have open ears and always be here to listen. And if you just need a hug, a kiss or some space, I promise to provide all of that for you as well. I want you to always feel like you are at home when you're with me (even when you're grown, there will always be a place here for you). I promise to raise you to stand up for one another. Siblings share a bond that can't be broken and I promise to not get mad if you back each other up (even when it's against me and your dad). I promise that when any of us are broken down, we will build each other back up. We are a team and we will work together and grow from every situation. I also promise to let you be your own individual self and explore options that might not necessarily be what I want but what you really want. Be creative, be spontaneous, be adventurous but most of all, always be kind. Kindness always wins. There may be times you need to defend yourself, but I promise to help teach you the best way to do that. All of these promises won't always be easy and I won't always be the best mom I hope to but I promise to try my hardest even if that means starting over some days. You both will always be my number one's and top priorities. I love you with every ounce in me and I can't thank you enough for being mine. I promise to never take that for granted!

Your number one fan, your mama

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  1. Get the tissues out!!! Love this Pats!!! It's just precious!!!

  2. We spent a leisurely Sunday morning in bed, before checking out in the afternoon. After leaving the B&B, we took a relaxed and slow drive home, and then picked up the children from the babysitters' house.

  3. Omg this made me tear .... sweetest promise to your kids!! I definitely feel you on everything you've said!


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