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My Favorite Mama Accessory (featuring Covered Goods)

My blog told me it missed me so I decided to give it a little bit of attention today ;). This is definitely a post I am excited to write abo...

My blog told me it missed me so I decided to give it a little bit of attention today ;). This is definitely a post I am excited to write about because this accessory I am going to chat about is something that never leaves my side. Covered Goods is a super nifty mama accessory that is super cute but more importantly, super functional. It is the original, multi-use nursing cover manufactured in the USA. I have used my Covered Goods from the day Kollyns was born and I plan on using it until I am done nursing. And trust me, you don't have to be a nursing mama for this accessory to come in handy! Does your baby ride in an infant car seat? Do any of your kiddos ride in a shopping cart? If the answer is yes, then you need a Covered Goods too!

I ordered my first two Covered Goods (a floral one and a black and white striped one) before Kolly was born and now I just got this new (Bouquet) print. I had a different nursing cover and a different car seat cover when Boston was a baby and both worked fine but let me tell you, my Covered Goods doesn't just work works perfectly! And how awesome and convenient that I only need one cover to do two jobs! I always have the cover on Kolly's car seat which protected her from people touching her when she was itty bitty and now it protects her from the sun when it's too bright and it keeps the light out when she is napping. It has a hole at the top and it's breathable material so they still get enough air and it's not too hot for them when they are covered! Although, I probably wouldn't have her sitting out in the heat covered for a long period of time. As soon as she is ready to nurse, I just pull the cover off the car seat and put it over my head and it drapes over my shoulders. It is full coverage front and back and super stretchy. I pull one arm through (the opposite arm of the side I am nursing on). I can then pull my top up or down and put Kolly under there and start nursing. It makes me feel totally comfortable nursing my Kolly girl wherever, whenever!

Another fun use for the cover is to use it as a shopping cart cover. It covers the seat so that your babe doesn't have to be exposed to the germs on the shopping cart (fyi, it works better for me on smaller shopping carts). The cover can also be used as a scarf but to be honest, I am always using it to either nurse or cover the car seat so it never gets used as this option for me. The covers run for $34.99 which is a super reasonable price considering I have used a cover every single day for almost 10 months now. I know not every baby product works perfectly for every person but I know quite a few girls who own a Covered Goods and I have never heard a bad review about it! Just trust me on this one :)! You can also check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

p.s. the rocker in these pictures is by Modern Nursery Rockers and it seriously rocks ;)! We had it in Kolly's nursery at first because I thought I would want it in there to nurse her in peace and quiet but I only used it a couple of times in there and knew I would use it more in the living room (I don't like to miss out on any of the fun, ya know! haha). I love the modern look it has and the color is so pretty! They are hand crafted rockers made in Charlotte, NC and there are lots of color options and a few different designs of chairs! You can purchase a chair at


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  1. So cute!!! i love your blog and your instagram

    xo, Samantha


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