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Fourth of July Fun (featuring Pink Possum)

Sometimes you just want to remember a weekend. Especially when it was a really long weekend, full of memories. I'm not sure if you guys...

Sometimes you just want to remember a weekend. Especially when it was a really long weekend, full of memories. I'm not sure if you guys even care about stuff like that? Buuuuut it was one for the books so I thought I would document it so we could remember it forever! I want to thank Pink Possum for collab'ing with me on this post! This shop literally has everything from gear for your babes to women's clothing to awesome gifts, like super cute swim floaties!

Friday night, Bryce's little brother, Kyle, who is in the military made a surprise visit home. It was really the sweetest thing to see how surprised and excited Bryce was to have his bestie home (if you follow me on snap, you saw his reaction on there)! We went out to dinner while my parent's babysat the kiddos and Bryce and I were just having a little bit too much fun to go home so we went out with a few friends and partied until the break of dawn. Literally, we didn't go to bed until about 4 am. I don't know why we must do that to ourselves every time we get a little free time. I guess it's our way of getting it out of our system. Nonetheless, we had a blast and were super excited to see our babies the next day!

Saturday, Bryce went golfing with a friend so the kids and I ran some errands with my mom and sister. Afterwards, we all went swimming at my parents. It has been in the 100+ degrees where we're from so swimming is really the only way to spend the weekends. I swear Kolly falls asleep almost every time she gets into the water. It's the sweetest thing ever! 

My sister and Dad's Birthdays are about a week apart so on Sunday, we threw a birthday party for the both of them at my parent's house. Corn hole, swimming and some good food and drinks are all it takes to keep us all entertained for a good 8 hours. Boston's shoes are by Native from Pink Possum and they are the BEST watershoes/shoes you can wear on a daily basis. They stay on his feet and are pretty cool if you ask me! Also, you can't go swimming these days without trendy pool floaties, right?! Pink Possum carries some of the cutest and you seriously can't do summer without them! 

Fourth of July flew around that corner so fast and we were already on a party roll, so why stop now?! Bryce's brother and my bestie are married which makes her my sister-in-law (how cool is that?!) and they had a party at their house so we all put on our best red, white and blue gear because there was a party in the USA. Again, lots of swimming, some corn hole, some volleyball, lots of food and drinks, and then we ended the night with a little fireworks show. Boston is at the best age and his reaction to the fireworks was hilarious! 

That three-day weekend went by way, way, way too fast but luckily Bryce had Tuesday off so we didn't have to fully adult quite yet. Although, he went golfing with his dad and brothers so the kids and I kicked it at home and were lazy bums. Correction, the kids were lazy bums while I spun Cinderella circles around them all day cleaning up every room they destroyed. Sometimes, they are just playing way too sweetly with each other which forces me to snap a bazillion photos of them. Sorry for the overload of pictures, It was so hard for me to narrow them down! Both of their jammies are Kickee Pants and you can find them at Pink Possum!


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  1. Love all these pictures! That is too funny that she falls asleep in the water! My little girl did that once in the shower :) So sweet.

    <3 Amanda
    Satin Sundays

  2. Hi lady!! Loved this post! More pictures the better I always say🙊 Reading weekend recaps are so fun!



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