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From Thumb Sucker to Binki Lover (featuring MAM)

With Kolly approaching the big ONE (SO much quicker than I anticipated I might add), I thought a little update on my sweet girl was needed! ...

With Kolly approaching the big ONE (SO much quicker than I anticipated I might add), I thought a little update on my sweet girl was needed! This year has seriously flown by faster than any year of my whole life! I literally feel like it was just a couple months ago that I was at the doctor's office finding out that I would be induced later that day. Well, it was a whole 11 months and some days ago that our lives were forever changed for the better.

Within seconds of Kolly being born, she was a pro breastfeeder. And that lasted a whole 45 minutes. She nursed amazingly the very first time and from then on in the hospital, she was awful! I had to hand express into a spoon and hand feed her! A total diva from the start! It took her a couple weeks to really get the hang of it and now we're going 11 months strong and I don't see it ending anytime soon. She refused a pacifier from the get-go. We tried giving it to her a few times but she really had no interest so we didn't push it much further. She ended up starting to suck her thumb more and more and I actually really loved it because she had her own personal soother. She's always been a pretty content baby but it was nice to have that thumb to calm her down so that she wasn't on the boob 24/7. She slowly but surely gave up the thumb sucking on her own which I'm not exactly sure why but girlfriend has a mind of her own. Then one day, we were at our friend's house and she found their son's pacifier (MAM brand) on the floor and picked it up and started going to town on it. I would have never guessed she would pick up a pacifier habit so late on but she sure did and I wasn't about to fight it because anything that is going to soothe your baby (especially when they're teething) is a win in my book. Some people are all for pacifiers and some are against them and I'm personally indifferent. I think it's great if they take it and great if they don't. Every baby is different and you gotta do what works for you! Kolly is an even easier baby now which is so helpful especially since she's got a crazy big brother I have to tend to as well. Boston didn't take a pacifier or suck his thumb and I remember having moments that I wished so badly he had something to soothe him other than my booby but now I'm grateful that we didn't have to break him from anything.

We had a few pacifiers at home so we tried giving her those and she liked them but she didn't take to them like she did our friend's son's pacifier. So to the store we went to buy the MAM brand and sure enough, she was hooked! I even found a pineapple one at Target which made all my pacifier dreams come true! Ha! There must be something really great about this MAM brand because Kolly prefers it, along with our friend's son and one of my nieces. MAM also makes other baby products such as toothbrushes, teethers, bottles and sippy cups. We're huge fans of the toothbrushes...see toothbrush selfie below ;). They make a few different ones and they even have a little stopper you can attach to the toothbrush so that it won't gag or stab them in the throat. This is especially nifty for when Boss wants to brush his own teeth or if Kolly wants to chew on it for a little while.

Now, even though I love that Kolly is taking a binki, I'm hoping she will eventually break herself from it. I've never had to break Boston from anything so I'm nervous that will be difficult for me to do. But we will all learn and we will all make it out just fine, I'm sure! If not, you guys will have to rescue me and give me lots of tips!


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