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A Trip to Remember - Disneyland

Hey guys! It's been a couple weeks now since our trip to "The Happiest Place on Earth" (which we may have proved wrong......

Hey guys! It's been a couple weeks now since our trip to "The Happiest Place on Earth" (which we may have proved wrong...jk) so I'm going to start out this post with a few tips we learned from our experience and then I'll go into more detail about our trip!

- Plan ahead. Make sure you have an idea in your head of what things are most important for you to see and download all the Disney apps. We didn't do any of this and we would have had a much more successful trip if we did. 
- Take a little ice chest full of waters. No one wants to pay $5 for a water bottle. And bring some snacks for the kids.
- Stay at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel if you're looking for an inexpensive and convenient stay. The hotel was clean and has a free shuttle to and from Disneyland. It is about a 15 minute walk so it can be done but it's a little hilly. 
- If you're getting on the first shuttle of the day, get down there early. The line fills up super fast and only so many people can fit on the bus at once. 
- Book your tickets and hotel through Best discount tickets you will find. Guaranteed. More about them below!

We had been planning this trip for over six months. It was going to be our first official vacation with just our little fam. We wanted to take Boston to Disneyland for his 3rd Birthday instead of having a big party because 3 just seems like the perfect age to really enjoy it and soak it all in. And we were right, he is at the perfect age. Kolly...not so much. She just started walking full time right before our trip and if you know a newly walking baby, you know that all they want to do is get down and walk. So that was a challenge for part of the trip. I'm just glad Bryce was there to help me because it would have been really rough without him. Knowing this now, I think if we would have given her another 6 months to a year, the timing would have been perfect. But who knows! Our kids are normally pretty dang easy going kids and I guess they decided to save up all their difficultness for this trip. Boston gets carsick occasionally and he threw up on the way down there. Then when we got to the hotel, the shuttle was just about to leave so we hurried and jumped on it only to realize I left my wallet and the tickets in the car. Soooo we had a nice little drive to Disney and back. When we finally made it to the park, all Boston wanted to do was whine. Bryce and I kept looking at each other like is this for real?! But after one ride, his attitude changed for the better and we got to enjoy the rest of the day. We had hopper passes both days but since we didn't make it into the park until 1 or so, we decided just to stay in Disney for the first day. We ate lunch, went on a few rides and watched the parade. We ate at ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney for dinner and called it an early night and headed back to the hotel. 

We were determined to have a smoother Day Two. Except we woke up to rain! No signs in the forecast at all so we were a little annoyed! I mean not pouring rain, but still. And the shuttle line was forever long. It took three bus trips before we made it to Disneyland. We started off at California Adventure, went on a couple rides, walked around and went over to Disney. The rain had stopped by this point, thank goodness! We went on a few more rides, walked around Toon Town and then the kids fell asleep so we decided to walk around Downtown Disney while they slept. Boss woke up and we made a pit stop at Rainforest Cafe so he could eat lunch. Kids love that place! We went back to California Adventure to watch the Disney Jr. Show. That was really cute and if you have little ones, it's a must see! We also watched the parade at California Adventure and that was a must see too! Really cool stuff!

As much work as the trip was, we really had a fun time and we look back at it and really miss it! The kid's reactions to meeting the characters and seeing them in awe on each ride was more than worth it! Each day I would ask Boston what his favorite thing was and both days he said Mickey Mouse and he remembered exactly where he saw him and what he was doing. It was the cutest thing ever! We made memories we will never ever forget and that's all that matters!

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Kolly's outfit Day One:
Two-piece by Vivie & Ash
Moccs by Bbtmoccs

Boston's outfit Day One:
Tee by Vibe Stitch
Shorts by Little Adi + Co.

My outfit Day One:
Bodysuit by Target
Flannel by Forever 21
Shorts by Express
Shoes by New Balance from Famous Footwear

Kolly's outfit Day Two:
Moccs by Bbtmoccs

Boston's outfit Day Two:
Button-up by Jr. Cooper
Shorts by H&M
Shoes by Toms

My outfit Day Two:
Top by Forever 21
Shorts by Target
Shoes by Converse
Bag by Nena and Co.

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