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This post is for all you out there that don't know how to cook, don't plan your meals, or have the time to prep your meals! Hel...

This post is for all you out there that don't know how to cook, don't plan your meals, or have the time to prep your meals! Hello Fresh is at your service! I'm kind of a mix of all three of the above. I never plan out our meals and I basically just don't love to cook which leads to me being no good at it. It's one of my biggest downfalls as a wife/mom so I'm working on it! 

Hello Fresh is a food delivery service that sends you just the right amount of ingredients with a delicious recipe straight to your doorstep. All you have to do is follow the recipe and voila! You barely even had to use your brain or any energy and you have an amazing meal for your whole family. Their website offers different plans and different meals weekly. You cater it for your family and it really is super convenient! 

Bryce and I have rotated the same exact 5 meals since we moved in with each other over six years ago. We venture out with a new recipe every so often and the amount of time and energy that goes into planning it, going to the grocery store to get all the ingredients and cooking it almost ruins it for me! Haha! I'm a super lazy cooker which is why Bryce does the majority of the cooking around here. But after trying out Hello Fresh, I have a whole new outlook on cooking. It was actually a lot of fun (especially when someone else did half the work for you)! It gave Bryce and I something new to do together...and we kind of really bonded over cooking ;). 

We received a box full of three meals (Creamy Prosciutto Panini, Quickest Mac and Cheese, and Mega Meatball Marinara). The cost for this plan is $105 (including shipping) which equals out to $8.75 a meal per person. For some, this may seem pricey for a meal you cook yourself but if you think about how much you don't have to do and how convenient it is, it really is worth that price! Our favorite meal was the Creamy Prosciutto Panini! All three recipes were so fun to try out because we had never even tasted some of these ingredients and everything was really, really good! The recipes were also easy enough to make and each meal was made in about 30 minutes or less!

So, if you're running short on time or energy, I urge you to give Hello Fresh a try! It will make your life much easier and a whole lot tastier!


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