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Playroom Makeover

  Sources : Wall decals -  Urban Walls Rug -  Lorena Canals Buffet table -  Walker E...



Wall decals - Urban Walls
Buffet table - Walker Edison
Storage basket under buffet - Plum & Sparrow
Basket trio on top of buffet - Ikea
Paper holder on top of buffet - Ikea
Silhouette pictures - Dapper & Darling
Frames for silhouette pictures - Target
Storage baskets - Serena & Lily
Table - Ikea
Chairs - Hobby Lobby (no longer available) similar here
Easel - Ikea
9 Art Prints - Hi Kids Co.
Frames prints are in - Ikea
Curtains - Ikea

Before Pictures:

Urban Walls Decals Process Picture:

When we moved into this house, I knew this room had to be our playroom because it's considered the office and it's the only extra room in our house that isn't being used. I was a little bummed because it has french doors and it's right off the entryway so of course, every person that comes into our house is going to see this room so I knew I needed a way to make it something that would flow with the rest of the house but still be practical for the kids. This ended up being one of my favorite rooms to design because it could be playful yet still chic.

We live in a rental so we never do anything too drastic that will be too difficult to change once it's time to move out. I knew these wall decals by Urban Walls would be the perfect pop of color this room needed. They are so easy to apply and they don't damage the walls at all. They are basically stickers that can be removed easily by just pulling them off but yet they stick so well that they never start to peel off and the kids never even mess with them. Most people actually think it's paint. Urban Walls offers a ton of different designs and I really think it's a fun, easy and inexpensive way to spruce up a room.

I moved this white buffet table from our dining room to the playroom to give us some extra storage in there. You really can never have enough storage in a playroom. The more things to distract from all the toys, the better. We also have these huge baskets from Serena & Lily that store the majority of the toys. They are super sturdy and I love that we can just throw the lids on them to disguise all the toys. We also have storage in those super glamorous built-ins ;) (like I said, we aren't making any drastic changes in a rental) which they do come in handy and if they were refurbished and painted white, they could actually be really pretty!

One of the easiest (but inexpensive) ways to transform a room is by adding drapes. Our rental came with a lot of vertical blinds in it so little by little, we are removing the ugly blinds and replacing them with curtains. It makes a world of a difference and these curtains from Ikea are so cheap (10 bucks for a pack of two) without looking cheap!

This rug is just the perfect size since this room is pretty small and even better, it's machine washable! The kid's always have some type of snack and drink in there which are bound to be spilled but with this rug, I don't worry one bit because I know I can just throw it in the wash!

If you're anything like us, you have too many toys to even know what to do with so we keep some in the garage and rotate them out every once in awhile. It's a great way to keep the room decluttered and the kids always feel like they are playing with new toys when we bring some out from the garage.

This room is so much more practical now and no longer an eyesore. We use it every single day and now I don't get so frustrated when the toys get dumped out and thrown all over since it's such a quick clean up and looks much cuter!


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