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Our Living Room (featuring Jonathan Louis)

*sponsored by Jonathan Louis Giving you guys a little peek inside our living room! We may not be in this house for much longer becaus...

*sponsored by Jonathan Louis

Giving you guys a little peek inside our living room! We may not be in this house for much longer because we are finally going to buy (or hopefully start building) a house in the next few months!!! I am SO excited. And nervous. And overwhelmed. But most of all, excited! As most of you know, we are renting this house. So as much as we would love to replace flooring, paint, cabinets, window treatments, lighting, take down walls and the list goes on, it just doesn't make sense. It wouldn't be worth our time or money so I have done my very best to make this house our home with furniture, decor, and lots of lovin'! I want to remember as much of this house as I can. It might not be our favorite...or the prettiest...but so many memories happened here. I was pregnant with Kolly in this house. We put together her nursery in this house. Boston got a big boy room in this house. So many gatherings and parties happened in this house. It will definitely always hold a special place in our hearts!

I have always loved interior design, so decorating has always been so fun for me! And I'm constantly changing things because..well...I'm a girl. I have always been a minimalist when it comes to decorating. I don't like a whole lot of clutter (except for in my garage cuz that's where allll the extra crap gets thrown). I like to keep things simple but still intriguing if that makes sense. So bigger statement pieces are more my thing compared to a lot of little pieces. Our couch seats about 3-6 people comfortably but we're always having family and friends over so we had been needing some extra seating but just weren't sure what we wanted to go with. We used to have a rocker out here but now that Kolly is older, we weren't using it as much and I was really wanting two matching chairs for that extra seating! I knew I wanted a pop of color in there without it being too much so I went on the hunt for some navy velvet chairs because blue is kinda sorta still a neutral in my eyes and velvet is so easy to keep clean with kids. I came across these Ronni chairs from Jonathan Louis, automatically fell in love, and they looked at me and screamed "bring me home"! Well actually, first I had to order them, pick out the color and fabric (so many amazing options...I went with Bella Navy), and leg color (they come in nickel or champagne brass and I went with the champagne brass) and then wait for them to be made and delivered! Longest few weeks of my life but SO worth the wait! They are so soft, so comfy and so pretty! Definitely a favorite spot for people to sit now (if you've seen my Instagram stories, then you've seen Kolly fall asleep in them multiple times)! And I can't tell you enough how easy they are to clean! I just use a baby wipe and voila!

If you're on the hunt for your perfect chairs (or maybe a couch or sectional), definitely check out Jonathan Louis' line. They have TONS of options...definitely something for everyone! Many stores like Z Gallerie, Mathis Brothers, Living Spaces, etc. carry Jonathan Louis! To find a retailer near you, click here! You can also order free fabric swatches here (I loved this option so that I could see the exact color and texture in person before ordering)!

Anyways, enough of me blabbing. I'll link some items below if you guys feel like shoppin'! 

You can leave a comment if you have any questions or you can always message me on Insta!

Pictures taken by Courtney McLemore!


Couch (they don't make the white option anymore)

Coffee table (similar)

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