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Simplicity and Comfydence with Hanes




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Do any of you ever feel like you're the only one who doesn't have a white kitchen? The only one who doesn't have hardwood floors throughout? The only one who still has old school mini-blinds on their windows? The only one who doesn't own a house? And the only one who has carpet in their bathroom? Well, you're not! And don't go gettin' all caught up in the perfectly styled pretty pictures you see scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest (okay guilty and totally necessary every once in a while because the inspo is just so good)...but there's more people in this world that don't have all of these things. And if you do have all these things, I'm sure at one point in your life you probably didn't and you were sitting there just like me...wishing for it all. Sure a pretty house is what I dream of and hope to have one day but the things that really matter most are the faces smiling within these walls, the laughing that can be heard all the way down the street, the snuggles that happen every single night in one squished bed, and the air mattress that stayed up for a whole week because the kids didn't want us to take it down. Totally cheesy, right? But don't we all need this type of reminder every now and again? Because really...there is beauty in all the simplicity.

Speaking of simple...I'm known for sticking to the basics especially when it comes to my everyday wear. We've all heard of Hanes and they sure didn't become one of the most popular brands out there for nothin'! Their undies, bras, and everyday wear are some of my favs! I can stay comfy without compromising style because lets be honest...comfort always wins when it comes to getting ready, wrestling your kids, and just living life! These Sport™ Women's Performance Fleece Jogger Pants are a major staple that I wear ALL. THE. TIME. So comfy and I love that I can wear them out and about with some cute tennies too! Everyone needs a pair! Their bras are so comfy – especially the Oh So Light Foam ComfortFlexFit® Wirefree BraI like describing them as a perfect mix between a regular bra and a sports-bra because they have the comfort of a sports-bra but the support of a regular bra! And their Nano-T® tees will never go out of style! Crew neck or v-neck, you can't go wrong! Last but not least, you need comfort underneath it all! Their Cool Comfort Microfiber Hipster undies are amazing too. Now go get your comfy on...while thinking...KRISTA HAS CARPET IN HER BATHROOM...or maybe it's just tile that looks like carpet?! Haha! Feel better? Good!


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