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Fueling Quality Time: Our Trip to Park City

It’s been almost a month since  our  Hyundai  partner brought us out  to Utah ,  and I thought I’d relive it all and share it with you guys...

It’s been almost a month since our Hyundai partner brought us out to Utahand I thought I’d relive it all and share it with you guys!

It was seriously one of the most incredible trips we have taken! There’s nothing quite like visiting a place you’ve never been! And especially when you’re getting to experience it with your family! Everything is always that much better when we’re together.

The trip started at about 4am on a Friday and Kolly (miss sleep until 9 am every day) was not about it. She crashed as soon as we got onto the plane...which made for a very easy flight to Arizona! Then we hopped on another plane to get us to Utah! If you’ve never flown with kids, just be sure to bring lots of fun little activities for them (aka hit up Target dollar spot)! We also bring little snacks and candy to keep them occupied! 

We arrived at the Salt Lake City airport and had our own personal chauffeur holding up a Horton family sign...we felt SO cool. Haha! We were greeted by the Hyundai staff, who were some of the sweetest, most accommodating people ever! They really made this trip so amazing! We checked into our room, and the rooms at the hotel are so nice and spacious with a full jet spa bathtub! Hyundai put on a dinner that night at the resort so we could all meet everyone and mingle! They even had fun little activities for the kids, and all the kids went crazy over the hula hoops! It was so fun to get to meet people that I’ve looked up to for years in the social media industry! 

The next morning, Hyundai hosted a presentation about their SUV, the Santa Fe! It was really cool hearing about how the company got started and where they’re at now. They really are such a reputable company! The new changes and details to the Santa Fe are top-notch stuff! Even the material they use for the inside is so cute and unique compared to other cars. The SUV has just about every feature you can possibly imagine! They really aim to make the car as safe as possible. The dashboard screen is really cool — it shows you every aspect of the car. They even have a feature that will not let you open a door if a car is approaching on the side so that kids don’t just jump out of the car if it is dangerous. To learn more about the 2019 Santa Fe, click here

After the presentation, we picked out which Santa Fe we wanted to drive around Utah! All of the colors were beautiful and we went with the white! Growing up, we’ve always had white cars and still do to this day so it just felt natural! We cruised around and let me tell you, the Santa Fe is SO smooth and feels like it has a lot of power! It was super spacious for us and the kids,which is a really important feature for us! We drove for about 2 1/2 hours and got to see so many beautiful spots! The views in Utah are incredible! 

We stopped in Park City and ate lunch at no other than...a Mexican restaurant! Surprise, surprise! But you guys, I do have one downfall. The soda in Utah tastes different than ours! Haha! It was so weird, but I could definitely taste a difference! Maybe it’s the altitude? Anyways, the little shopping and restaurant area in Park City was so cute! The kids had a blast getting to run around, stop at a candy shop, and see all the cute shops! 

We headed back to the resort and relaxed for a little while before we headed out for another dinner party! The kids had a blast with all the bubbles and games and I for one, had a blast with the food! It was SO good! And they even had an ice cream bar! 

Sunday morning, we woke up, packed and headed back to the airport! I wish we could have stayed longer, but we really did squeeze so much fun stuff into those two days! I am so glad we got to do this with the kids! Watching their reactions to everything and seeing them experience a new location makes it even better for us! We will never forget this trip and am so thankful Hyundai gave our family the opportunity to go on this adventure and spend quality time together. They made a huge fan out of me on this trip! 🙋🏼


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