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How to Find Your Blogging Comfydence

Thank you to Hanes for sponsoring this post! Find your confidence. Find your uniqueness. Find your beauty. And r...

Thank you to Hanes for sponsoring this post!

Find your confidence. Find your uniqueness. Find your beauty. And run with it!

One of the top questions I get asked is how I started my influencing/blogging gig, how I grew my following, and my best tips for someone starting out blogging. And first off, I want to say, I really don't even know what I'm doing half the time. There are people with 10 times as many followers as me so sometimes I feel like a tiny little fish in a big ole blogging sea. But I always just do what feels right. I never started this whole gig to make money. I did it because I enjoyed it and I can still say (whole heartedly) today, that I truly still enjoy it.

So my number one tip is to only do it if you truly love it and find it fun. Of course, it's a lot of work and very time consuming at times. But aren't most jobs?

My second tip would be to find YOU (stand out whether that's with creativity, cute clothes, cute kids, a pretty house, the cutest pet, funny captions, etc.) aka be different!). And stay true to you. It's so easy to go off rail because you see something someone else is doing and they're succeeding from it or you just really like what you see but you copying that isn't going to have the same effect. Of course be inspired from it. But then put your own twist on it.

Third tip: Find your niche but don't feel like you are limited to only one niche. (ie: you could be an amazing photographer who loves fashion and has cute kids that you love sharing.)

Fourth tip: Staying consistent helps (people wanna see your posts! just maybe not 5 posts a day, but hey, to each their own!). Engage with others/make friends (a like + a comment can go a long way). Tag brands/shops in hopes of them reposting you! Using relevant hashtags can help too! Instagram is a complicated world at times so like I said, I really don't even know what I'm doing sometimes so just go with the flow and try and keep up (if that makes sense).

Most of all you guys, GO FOR IT. If you've been wanting to start instagramming or blogging, all you gotta do is start posting pictures! Reach out to companies you want to work with. The worst they can do is tell you no or not respond. So then you move on to the next company! Never take things personally. There are SO many people trying to do what we're all doing so of course not every company can work with everyone. You will find what fits you!

I feel like I totally rambled on like I thought I would. But hopefully you guys got a few tips out of this and maybe gained the confidence you needed to start or even the confidence to carry on.

Confidence is one of the reasons I’m partnering with Hanes on this post. Their products make me feel comfy and confident (or comfydent, as Hanes likes to say!) – in my ComfortBlend T-Shirt Underwire Bra  and Seamless Legging with ComfortFlex Waistband ...hiked up so far to hide my mama rolls! ha! But hey, it's life. And it's real. And my photographer makes me look way better than I really do (shout out to Aunty Lyss). I am also loving that this Hanes Ultimate Bra has a really soft ComfortBlend lining that is so comfy while playing with my kids and these leggings  have a seamless comfort and almost feel like you don't have anything on! Boss and Kolly are even wearing Hanes - Kolly is wearing the Hanes Girls’ Cami and Girls' Toddler Low Cut socks and Boss man is wearing the ComfortSoft Crew Toddler T-Shirt and Toddler Boys' Low Cut socks. Also pictured above are some of my other favorite Hanes picks for the family: the Comfort Cotton Hipster Panties, Boys’ ComfortSoft Dyed Boxer Briefs with a Comfort Flex Waistband, and Toddler Girls' Cotton Hipsters.

We had so much fun and I look at these pictures and see my kids smiling faces and you just can't make those faces up. Kids. Don't. Lie.

Anyways, I love you guys. I truly do. You guys have made this space so fun for me. I swear I have the best insta-girlfriends a girl could ask for! So thank you for every like, every comment, every DM. I don't think you realize it, but you guys really inspire me. Your kind words, your helpful words, your encouraging words make me want to spread more of those same words around!


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