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Gallery Wall: How To

romper // glasses // kolly's romper // rug Tips on how to easily execute and create a gallery wall in your home! (straight f...

Tips on how to easily execute and create a gallery wall in your home!
(straight from the pro himself...Kurt Thompson...he’s who hung ours!)

1. Make sure the hanging hooks are all the same measurements.
2. Use anchors and screws because they are more stable. Nails can pull and shift messing up alignment. But nails are better if it is going to be changed up a lot. 
3. Center single hanging point is easier to get right than two corner points. 
4. Unless large frame border, keep spacing 2” or match the spacing with the frame size meaning if it’s a 4” frame you typically can get away with max 4” spacing 2” for 2” etc. 
5. Do layouts on the floor to test if you like the spacing and overall look.
6. Set one side up top to bottom the ideally laser line across so they are all the same. 
7. Spacer templates help some people. I personally don’t care for that method though. 
...last thing is measure measure measure. 
Nothing worse than putting a bunch of unnecessary holes in your walls!

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  1. Hi Krista!
    Can you link the exact frames? I can't find these! Thanks :)

    1. She linked it in the size description! Looks like she bought these through shutterfly.

  2. Hey Krista,

    Where did you buy the frames?


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