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DIY IKEA Dresser

6 drawer dresser // 3 drawer dresser // hardware // wooden vases // ceramic candle // olive tree   // knot door stopper   ...

I got these dressers a few years ago from Ikea. They were white, simple, had clean lines, and the mod look I was going for...and they were inexpensive! My sister-in-law found a DIY on Pinterest to add hardware to them which gave them a more custom know I’m no DIYer but this seemed easy enough for me and Bryce to try.

We started with two Ikea Malm dressers pushed together (one 3 drawer and one 6 drawer)! We actually had the dressers on 2 separate walls in our rental but when we bought this house, the only space for dressers was on one wall so pushing the two together worked out perfectly (it actually just looks like one dresser would never know it’s two pushed together unless you looked closely)! We found the hardware on Amazon (linked above) and added it ourselves!
I’m going to try and explain how to add the hardware as well as I can:
1. We cut a piece of cardboard the exact size of one drawer. 
2. We then measured exact center on the cardboard drawer and from there we could mark exactly where each hole for the hardware should go. Marked those two spots with a pencil and then punched those spots through the cardboard. 
3. Then put the cardboard over each drawer and marked through the holes with a pencil onto the actual drawer. 
4. After we measured each drawer one more time to make sure no errors were made on where we marked, we took a drill and drilled each pencil mark to make the two holes on each drawer. 
5. Then add the hardware and you’re done! It was pretty easy to do! 
The most time consuming part is measuring but it didn’t take as long as I thought!


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