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Second Trimester: Pregnancy Q&A

We are over halfway to meeting baby boy and we are getting SO excited!  Bryce and I did a little Q & A on this pregnancy so here it is! ...

We are over halfway to meeting baby boy and we are getting SO excited!  Bryce and I did a little Q & A on this pregnancy so here it is!

Q: Does Baby Boy have a name yet?  

A: I thinnnk we might have a name now but I keep going back and forth so I don’t want to say until I know for sure and I really have no idea when that will be! But yes, he will either have a B or a K name!

Q: How does this pregnancy compare to Kolly and Boss?

A: I feel like most of my pregnancies have been pretty consistent but this one is definitely harder on my body. Cuz ya know, I‘m old now! haha! My hips hurt a lot more, my back, I got a varicose vein, stomach aches, and the list goes on...buuut SO grateful to be going through it all - the good outweighs the bad FOR SURE. 

Q: How did you get through the first trimester after having a miscarriage? Any advice for fellow mom’s who are stressed?  

A: Definitely the most stressful pregnancy because I had experienced a loss last year. I was a nervous wreck the whole time and I spotted a couple times which made me freak out even more! But there is also a sense of ‘there’s nothing I can do about it’ that leaves you with no other choice but to have faith and know that if I were to miscarry again, we would just try again. I think about our angel baby a lot and I wonder what he / she would have been like. It’s definitely a weird feeling. I don’t like the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ because that can come off as really insensitive to someone who is in pain. Because sometimes there are no answers. But I am also the type to not dwell on things too much because that won’t get you anywhere either. Try to focus on the positive and know that some things are just out of your control. Thankfully the world is full of ways to have babies these days and even if it’s not the way you envisioned, you’ll find your rainbow after the storm. Annnnd now I am crying!  

Q: Did you plan on having Boss and Kolly so close in age and then another one down the road? 

A: Boss was definitely planned!  We started trying right after we got married and ended up pregnant a month later. Kolly was most definitely a surprise. I was nursing Boss so my periods were really inconsistent and I didn’t realize I was pregnant with her until I was like 9 - 10 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy where I miscarried was not planned at all either! I didn’t know I was pregnant until about 10 weeks and then I miscarried a week later. And then this baby boy was planned! We knew we wanted a third for sure but I was trying to be a surrogate for my sister and I wanted her to have a baby before we had our third so we held off until she had her baby. She ended up getting pregnant on her own and he’s one now! I did end up pregnant with their baby when we did the surrogacy but it ended in a chemical pregnancy. So this is actually my 5th pregnancy now. 

Q: Did you go into labor with Boss and Kolly or were you induced? How many weeks were you? 

A: My water broke at 36.5 weeks with Boss! Quickest and easiest labor and delivery! With Kolly, I was induced at 38 weeks because she wasn’t moving in her ultrasounds for a full 24 hours and they weren’t sure what was going on so they wanted to be safe.  My induction moved really quickly but the labor was definitely more painful because of the induction. I had epidurals with both so once I got that, I was good to go!

Q: What does an epidural feel like?

A: The epidural was the only thing I was nervous about when I had Boss but it wasn’t bad AT ALL. It just feels like a poke - the IV in my hand hurt worse! Don’t ask Bryce though because he almost passed out lol! Literally as I was getting it, I looked over at him and he was pale white and I asked if he was ok and the nurse and doctor told him he needed to sit down! And then I ended up throwing up all my apple juice on the nurse - which they say vomiting can be a side effect. The whole thing was very dramatic but not painful! With Kolly, it was a lot less dramatic. We made sure Bryce was sitting down the whole time and I didn’t throw up!  

Q: How is pregnancy during a pandemic?

A: I think it just depends on your location!  Honestly, it hasn’t been all that bad for me. Bryce has been able to come to all of our appointments, so everything seems pretty normal. I feel bad for all the mamas that have to go to appointments alone though!  And especially the ones that have to deliver alone - breaks my heart! I can’t even imagine. I am curious how the hospital will be when I deliver - my doctor thinks it will pretty much be back to normal by then - but we just have to wait and see! I really don’t think they’re going to end up letting anyone except for Bryce in there with me which makes me sad cuz normally my whole family is there!

Q: Any tips for someone who has a fear of pregnancy / pain?

A: The end result is better than anything you could ever have imagined! Giving birth is the coolest thing I have ever done in my whole life and I would do it over and over again! 

Q: Do you plan to have a fourth that is closer in age to baby boy?

A: I am soooo tempted!  But I am just waiting to see how everything is after this little guy is here! Not making any decisions on that just yet!

Q: What is something you wish you knew or did as a first time mama?

A: I nursed both babies but with Boston, if he would get fussy, I would think ‘no he doesn’t need to eat again, he just ate 30 mins ago!’ but with Kolly I would just give her the boob whenever she got fussy and it really made life so much easier!  Sometimes they just want to be nursed to soothe themselves (especially if they don’t take a pacifier). I think I was just learning with Boss and didn’t realize that we could have dealt with less tears if I just gave him the boobie more. Both kids were pretty dang easy though!  Kolly was just a little easier and I swear it was cuz of that!  

Q: Are you having an at home or hospital birth?

A: Hospital but I think at home births are SO cool!  It just makes me nervous but all mamas are rockstars no matter what!

Q: Are you going to breastfeed?

A: I am going to try!  I love nursing but I fully believe fed is best, no matter how you do it! It definitely didn’t come easy for us at first. I used a nipple shield with Boss for the first 3 months because he wouldn’t latch without it.  Maybe too much information, but I don’t think my nipples were far out enough but once they got stretched out and he got the hang of it, we could nurse without it. I nursed him until about 18 months.

Kolly started off great the first time she nursed and then became a little more stubborn! She would latch sometimes and not others so we had to spoon feed her in the hospital. I used the nipple shield for a short period of time with her and then she nursed like a champ!  She stopped around 20 - 22 months - when she started talking, she always called nursing ‘she she’!  

Q: How old were you / will you be with all your births?

A: With Boss I had just turned 27, Kolly I was 28 (almost 29) and Baby Boy I will be 34 when I deliver! Boss and Kolly are only 23 months apart.  Boss will be 7 and Kolly will be 5 when the baby is born.  Bryce is 32. I know, robbin’ the cradle over here!

Q: How big were your babies at birth?

A: Boss was 6 lbs, 12 oz. Kolly was 7 lbs, 1 oz. Bryce was a whoppin’ 10 lbs, 8 oz (I know I know he’s not my baby but I just still can’t believe how big he was)! 

Q: Do you stick to a strict newborn schedule or are you pretty laid back and go with the flow?

A: I‘m pretty sure most of you know I am not really a schedule person - lol.  Self proclaimed Hot Mess Express over here!  We like to go with the flow, but I do have one rule: never wake a sleeping baby! 

Q: Do you drink caffeine while pregnant?

A: I do! I don’t like coffee so I have never been a coffee drinker but I do have tea or soda! As long as it’s not too much, it should be fine - but always ask your doctor first!

Can’t thank you all enough for being here during this exciting time for us! I know I say it all the time but you really are THE BEST! You can always ask me anything in my DM’s and we will try to do another Q & A in the third trimester - can’t wait for you baby boy!


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